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We have a team of experienced professional chaperones available.

All fully licenced and DBS checked.

Some hold First Aid Qualifications


Our chaperones have experience in TV, Film and Theatre


Please contact us for rates and availibilty


0114 2218914

07931 987617



Performance Licences

We can process performance licences for any job/show.

Please contact us for details

Reference from Alison Grant, Child co-ordinator for Evolution Productions

Carolan (Cops) has been our Head Chaperone for Evolution for 6 years and is responsible for our Juvenile Ensmeble (as many as 46 children), I deal closely with her throughout the year and have every confidence in her and her team.

Cops is aware of the legislation relating to children within the performance industry, she is therefore able to ensure that the hours are adhered to, correct breaks are taken and he children are kept safe.

As Head Chaperone she ensures that there is always sufficiant chaperone cover, the children have fun, are kept safe and have someone to talk to if needed.


Reference from Julie O. (parent of a chaperoned child)

Carolan (Cops) is extremely suitable to looking after children in the performance industry. She is 100% trustworthy and reliable. She has great organisational skills. Carolan is a warm, calm, caring & compassionate person & is empathetic. She communicates extremely well and has an innate ability to know how to communicate with children appropriately. Cops understands the performance business very well and would whole heartedly be the children’s advocate ensuing their safety, well being and happiness at all times. Throughout the years I have known Cops I have been extremely impressed by how she has carried out her role as a chaperone. She is extremely passionate about the job and the children she takes responsibility for; she is always professional in her role. The children, parents and staff appear to adore, respect and trust her implicitly.

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