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Cops, Leah and Ellie are the class teachers.


Seniors is our class for 14 yrs and over.

In Seniors as well as Inters we put a big focus on performance, whether that be for each other in the class environment or on a public stage.

Developing a strong stage personality is essential for Musical Theatre performers, we encourage all our students to audition for all kinds of performing, whether that be school plays, dance auditions or any other opportunity that comes their way. Even if not succesful, the audition helps a performer to develop and they can learn immesurable amounts from the experience.

We give as many opportunities as we can for our students, we have had many appear in professional shows at the Crucible, Lyceum and even the CBeebies pantomime.

Please see our Success Stories.




 In all our classes we accept all levels of abilities and are very inclusive, if you want to 

  sing, dance and act

   while having fun and making great friends then this is the

class for you.

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