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SPA Dancing Queens

If you attend our Thursday Adult classes you have the opportunity to be part of our performing troupe, SPA Dancing Queens. This is totally optional and no pressure is made to take part in any performance as some people just prefer to come to class and learn new routines while others love the excitement and challenge of performing to the public.

Our performances so far have been a massive success and all the ladies have had an amazing time, this is a great opportunity to socialise together and have something exciting to work towards.


Here we are performing our Top Hat routine in Febuary 2015... there were sections for all our classes allowing everyone to take part whatever their skill level.

We have some ladies who have never performned before and having done it for the first time in their 40's/50's cannot wait for our next opportunity.


In December 2014 we were lucky enough to be invited to perform along with a full orchestra and 190 piece choir at Sheffield's City Hall. We performed to over 1000 people and the roof was nearly raised at the end of our Chorus Line routine.

If you fancy adding some excitement to your life, making new friends, socialising, all while having fun dancing to great musical theatre pieces, why not come along and join us for a FREE trial class in either Tap or a general dance class. No experience needed for Dance class but some experience needed for Tap.

Our classes are fun, friendly and affordable. 

See class page for details of times and prices.

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