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These are snippets from emails that we have received from parents who have spontaniously contacted us to thank us for what we do, we have not asked for these comments which makes them even more appreciated.

Testemonials for our Adult Classes are on the page along with class descriptions.

SPA show is her favourite !

***** has so much confidence and it is all thanks to you and all the opportunities she has had.

Your SPA show is her favourite as it incorporates all singing, dancing and acting.

Thank you


That is amazing

WOW! That is AMAZING!!

That's such a wonderful opportunity, thank you so much for setting that up for our children, they are very lucky to have you!


They have loved every minute.

It's been nearly a year that my girls have been attending SPA and to see how much *******'s confidence has grown from the start to where we are now was one of the main things I wanted her to gain from joining.

They have loved every minute, I feel because you have made them so welcome. Our friends and family who attended thought it was such a great show, my girls were over the moon to be involved.

Thank you


We love it!

We are huge fans of SPA in our household. The girls have been going to classes for several years now and it's been just brilliant. The classes are fun, teachers great and the shows are fantastic! My girls are pretty quiet and shy at school, SPA has given them both a massive confidence boost and I really can't thank them enough! I love that the classes are so inclusive and open to all- there is a super mix of kids and there is something for everyone. We love it!


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